Therapeutic Massage

Let a therapeutic massage be your escape from the stresses of life!

Picture of woman getting a therapeutic massage from a massage therapist.Stress, anxiety, pressure—these are commonplace burdens in modern life. In fact, they are so common that many have come to accept them as the norm.

Living with stress can do so many harmful things to the body. Symptoms of stress include muscle tension, angry outbursts, and fatigue. If you’re experiencing feelings like this, you may be overstressed and not even know it!

Don’t let stress consume you! We at Peak Performance want to help you destress with a therapeutic massage.

Therapeutic massages relax and restore the body.

We put a lot of pressure on our bodies every day. Habitual activities like sitting at a desk or looking down at a smartphone can leave you feeling stiff and tired.

We use therapeutic massage to soothe those overstressed muscles and make them feel young again. By manipulating the body’s soft tissue, our therapists reduce pain, stimulate circulation, and promote relaxation.

We recommend our therapeutic massage to anyone who feels overworked or overwhelmed by life. Not only can we heal your body, but the relaxed atmosphere in our office offers a peaceful respite for your soul.

We use intuitive techniques to find and treat problem areas.

Picture of a man getting a therapeutic head massage from a massage therapist.A typical therapeutic massage is a full-body massage. It can last anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours, depending on the client’s schedule.

Every therapeutic massage we perform begins with a short conference. The purpose of this conference is to give each of our clients a chance to tell us how they’re feeling. We want to know about any specific pain they’ve been experiencing so that we can cater the massage to those needs. It’s our way of letting you dictate your massage.

However, we have also had clients who were unsure of the source of their pain. They knew they weren’t feeling well but were unsure what their problem was. We have no problem working with these types of clients because of our intuitive knowledge of the body. During a therapeutic massage, we can locate, identify, and treat overstressed areas our clients weren’t even aware of!

Experience the transformative power of a therapeutic massage.

During the massage, we encourage our clients to relax and let the world melt away. The process of getting the massage should be just as enjoyable as the restorative results. We are the ones healing your body; your only responsibility is to lay there and enjoy it!

Each therapeutic massage ends how it began: with another conference between therapist and client. The purpose of this final meeting is to discuss how the massage went and how the client is feeling. We also give our clients helpful tips for maintaining the benefits of the massage in their everyday lives.

We want to help you heal and improve your game!

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