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When Amber Bianchi founded Peak Performance, she had a vision for doing massage therapy and weight loss training the right way. Having worked for wellness franchises in the past, she was aware of how restrictive and impersonal the services they offered could be. These businesses often didn’t take the time to get to know their customers and rarely adapted the treatments they provided to the needs of the individual.

Amber had had enough. It was time for a change.

Today Peak Performance operates in ways those large corporations never could. We give our clients with treatments to fulfill their needs at times to fit their busy schedules. Our focus is on providing people with the accountability and relaxed environment they need to achieve their nutrition goals. Give us a call today at 847-993-8005 to learn how we can help you accomplish yours.

We help our clients determine the right treatments for them, which saves them money and time.

The primary goal of most massage and nutrition companies is to make money. Some will even sell you massage services you don’t need just to make a few bucks. While we also enjoy making money, we would never put profits ahead of our customers’ well-being!

Instead, we desire to help our clients get the most out of our services. We do this by listening to their stories and basing our treatments on what they tell us. Rather than offering them a one-size-fits-all massage or weight loss plan, we filter out the unnecessary treatment options so that what’s left is the perfect plan for them. Our clients appreciate this because it saves them from spending money and wasting time on treatments they don’t need.

Need help determining the best treatment options for you? Call us or stop by our office to receive assistance.

We respect your schedule by offering a variety of lengths of time for appointments.

We realize not everyone has time for an hour-long massage every week, which is why we’re flexible with the durations we offer for massages. Whether a client is looking for a quick 15-minute warmup or a 120-minute therapeutic massage, we can work around even the busiest calendar. Call today to learn more about how we can work with your schedule!

We provide the accountability you need to achieve your wellness goals!

Whether you’re looking to increase your range of motion, lose weight, or just relax, we can help you reach your objectives. We want you to get the most long-term value out of your time with us as possible. The best way to achieve long-term success is to have supporters to hold you accountable along the way.

We are dedicated to maintaining an accountable relationship with you. There’s nothing quite like seeing how weight loss training and massage therapy treatments can transform peoples’ lives. We’ve seen so many clients overcome pain, injury, obesity, and other obstacles over the years, and we would love to walk beside you as you do the same. We’ll be there with you every step of the way providing professional care, encouragement, and advice to pull you through.

If you’ve been struggling to achieve your wellness goals, contact us! We would be glad to help you create a plan to attain them!

Our office offers a relaxing respite from the weary world. Visit us today!

The world is rough, and everyone needs space for rest and recreation in their lives. Let our offices be that haven for you! We offer a relaxed and professional atmosphere where you can be yourself and recharge.

Our clients feel at home here because we have taken the time to develop personal relationships with each one of them. Come to Peak and experience the magic of a place where everybody knows your name!

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We offer a personalized wellness experience like no other!

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